Inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network

Our vision is to establish a network of caring community members in Darling who will make a difference in others’ lives by providing relief from suffering to give them a chance to heal, or find the “next step”in rising to their potential.

The Darling Angels operate as a network of members of our community who wish to be of service through providing a resource by donating either their time, money, goods or services. It also acts as eyes and ears in the village to locate those who are suffering and in need of help.

The resources donated will be for individuals, families, or groups who need a push start for something important, who have an emergency, or an urgent need. The trust is not for luxuries – it is to provide a miracle blessing when there seems to be no hope. There are already organisations in Darling dealing with the big socio-economic challenges. This organisation is concerned with small acts of kindness towards those who would otherwise slip below the radar.

A core group of volunteers meet on a regular basis to report on needs in the community and available resources. We choose to operate, for the most part, anonymously, as we feel this will keep the focus on the work to be done. The organisation is non-hierarchical: anyone can attend meetings and any major roles will be rotated, such as spokes person, etc.

We are blessed when we are able to turn our attention away from ourselves, towards others who are in need. Being of service facilitates joy and so we extend hope, help, compassion and joy like a rainbow over Darling.

Anyone can be an Angel!

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