Darling Art Collective Exhibition

Darling Art Collective Exhibition

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Over Easter Weekend The Darling Art Collective will once again be hosting an open day with an exhibition of their latest work

On show will be paintings, jewellery and leather work by the following artists:

Lidi Gelderblom: “My paintings are inspired by nature and everyday life. It is also a reflection of my natural curiosity and tendency to push the boundaries”

Cecilia Robinson: “Being a silversmith fulfills my need to create something unique that women will treasure and want to wear every day”

Marna Gelderblom: Fakekitten is Marna’s passion project. Her jewellery is fresh and experimental with a whimsical touch

Nina Gelderblom: “Inspiration is all around, whether it’s cloudy skies, people or an owl. Nature’s canvas is never blank”

LorinEstArts: “I have a passion to create wearable art pieces, be it in jewellery or leather products, that playfully challenge convention.”

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