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Project Description


The arts and craft shop offers a broad variety of original items that have been manually produced by San community members from Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. The stunning products range from traditional and contemporary ostrich eggshell jewellery to traditional hunting tools, decorated leather bags and music instruments.
Examples of the renowned ostrich eggshell jewellery range titled ‘The Pearls oft the Kalahari’ are particularly attractive as they combine traditional with innovative designs.
In addition, the shop displays lino cut prints, which often display motifs of game species that play significant roles in San culture. The shop also offers excellent books on the San’s past and present culture and CDs of San music.

The craft shop manageress will be able to visualise and explain the laborious process of producing ostrich eggshell jewellery through a slide show. She is familiar with most of the San communities in the southern African region and therefore the ideal person to answer questions about the San’s unique crafts and prints.


Address: R27 West Coast Road

Tel: 022 492 3062

Web: www.khwattu.org

Email: info@khwattu.org

GPS: 33º 22’11.00″ S / 18º 15’52.00″ E

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