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Project Description


The San-guided Experience

This fascinating insight into the culture, heritage, knowledge and modern-day life of the San of southern Africa can be explored when accompanying a group of qualified San guides, who will lead you through a truly exceptional experience. During a three-hour tour the San will demonstrate their skills, share their ancient knowledge about oral history, tracking animals, identifying edible and medicinal plants with you.
They will also teach you words in some of their languages and enlighten you about recent achievements in obtaining their rights to land and intellectual property. The tour includes both a ride on an open vehicle and a walks through !Khwa ttu’s breathtaking landscape, a visit to the replica traditional San village, a session about San languages at the boma, a cultural display at the photo gallery and the screening of an ethnographic film at the audio-visual theatre.
The San-guided experience provides a unique opportunity for you to listen to accurate accounts of the past and present lives of the San.

The tour lasts three hours and starts at 10h00 and 14h00. It includes drinks. Try our restaurant for an eating experience before or after the tour.


Tel: 022 492 2998

Fax: 022 492 3566

Web: www.khwattu.org

Email: info@khwattu.org

GPS: 33º 22’11.00″ S / 18º 15’52.00″ E

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