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Project Description


New and not so new!

Darling has become well known for some fabulous products, not only locally, but nation-wide. The problem is that a number of these products are not readily available to Darlingites in Darling – or at least that is until now.

We are talking cheese, pomegranate products, mushrooms, craft charcuterie, preserves, baked goods, toffees and artisanal coffee of course! These are all available now at the new kid on the block – The Flying Pig – to be found at the Mantis Mall, 3 Station Road, Darling.

The Flying Pig is more a European style cafe/ deli, serving up a unique coffee blend (roasted right here on the West Coast), interesting cafe style food that really showcases the charcuterie of co-owner, Gil Ferreira, as well as many other products that are hand crafted or selected to ensure authenticity and integrity.

Rather than trying to emulate or take away from other established eateries in Darling, The Flying Pig is adding some new variety to the food offering in Darling, with the main aim to assist Darling in becoming a “foodie” destination, as it rightfully should be.

Pop in and visit Aleks and her team at The Flying Pig Cafe/ Deli for a new food experience in Darling.


Address: Mantis Mall, 3 Station Street, Darling, 7345

Tel: 022 492 3677

Mobile: 073 361 1091


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