Darling Museum

A visit to Darling is not complete without a trip to the Darling Museum.

Founded in 1978 by the Darling Women’s Agricultural Association as a Butter Museum, one section contains a unique collection of artifacts depicting the beginnings of the buttermaking industry in Darling which was famous for its creamery.

In 1989 the Museum was moved to its present home in the old Town Hall (1899) in Pastorie Street and expanded to reflect the lifestyle and growth of the village over the century and a half since its beginnings in 1853.

The Museum recreates life in a bygone era with fascinating displays of Victorian clothing, china and household furniture. A traditional kitchen complete with hearth contains many ingenious gadgets intended to make the life of a Victorian housewife easier.

The Agricultural hall portrays the history of farming in the area which gained impetus in 1800 when William Duckitt and his family were brought out from Surrey, England to improve local farming methods. His granddaughter, Hildegonda Duckitt was a cook and hostess of renown who wrote various cookery books and “The Diary of a Cape Housekeeper” in which she describes the activities on the farm for each month of the year.


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