Darling Music for All


The functions and objectives of the Darling Music for All / Darling Musiek vir Almal (DMA) initiative is to uplift, support, educate and develop under privileged youth of the community at large through music; by making available to them musical instruments, music tutoring and their on-going advancement in the field of music, with the goal of developing a youth orchestra and youth choir.

Our initiative follows similar principles as the most successful El Sistemainitiative in Venezuela.

The DMA was officially formed in February 2011 as a NPO, with an executive committee, four of whom double-up as tutors. All activities and achievements are currently being run by the committee members.

Student lessons are being hosted in the Early Childhood Development Centre, which is part of the Darling Trust, as well as private homes. This includes the tutoring of music theory. Learners will develop to become future tutors, thus enabling the project to become sustainable.

Our current student base consists of six violinists, five guitarists, piano, recorder and five drummer / percussionist students.

The DMA, where possible, is collaborating with other music organisations / schools / universities and NGO’s. This will result in mutually beneficial relationships in the field of music tuition. eg: The Darling Trust.

Our initial goal is to be part of the Darling Music Experience in February 2012, where a mini orchestra consisting of our young musicians will perform. Musicians will be a combination of students and their tutors.

The DMA requires instruments of any type which could be donated for the tutoring of students. Alternatively, the instrument could be purchased at a negotiable small fee.

Instruments required at this stage are a piano, keyboard, guitars, recorders, junior and senior violins, drum kit and percussion, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombones, viola and cello.

We also require piano, violin, flute and youth choir teachers / tutors.

All assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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