Darling Wildflower Show and Plant Fair

Darling Wildflower Show and Plant Fair

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Darling Wildflower Show & Plant Fair

The annual wildflower show and plant fair is presented by the Darling Wildflower Society (since 1915). A landscaped display, flower arrangements, species table, plant fair and outside market with food stalls and other entertainment like vintage motors and tractors, etc. This year it will be presented at the Darling Museum.

e first Darling Wildflower Show was a competition of flower arrangements as opposed to the modern day landscaped exhibition.

Today the Darling Wildflower Society is laying a solid foundation for the future, actively promoting wildflower tourism, sustainable management of the local nature reserves and the conservation of wildflowers and biodiversity of the region.

The addition of a PLANT FAIR to the annual wildflower show, featuring indigenous, waterwise and specialist specimens, ensures that all plant lovers can acquire something special for their gardens or plant collections.

Guided wildflower walks to the best Darling Flower reserves and farms take place throughout the season and can be booked through the Wildflower Society

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