Evita se Perron

Evita se Perron – the home of South Africa’s icon Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout has undergone a lot of changes since 2020 – but is still the home of the former ambassador of Bapetikosweti.

Evita se Perron, founded by Pieter-Dirk Uys in 1996 as a theatre complex in Darling’s original station building – has grown to a huge tourist destination where people can come and have a painful-laugh at South Africa’s politics (past and present), and also can we see what Pieter-Dirk has done for South Africa and tribute can be paid for such an amazing (and still on-going) career.

Evita se Perron is open from 10 am t0 4pm, 6 days a week (closed on Tuesdays).

Explore our website for a complete list of available shows or stay in the loop by following our Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates. Secure your seats easily by booking through https://www.quicket.co.za/.

There is also a Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout Museum – dedicated to this lady who had such an influence on Apartheid-politics through her angle of humoristic criticism.

The heart of the Perron has been converted into a bakery named Swartland Kitchen. Here we bake top-quality rusks, granola and biscuits which the Tannie has declared her personal choice. Use #tannieschoice or #tanniesegunsteling.

Discover a world of delightful flavours at our deli, where we proudly showcase a diverse selection of premium products and thoughtful gifts.

Boerassic Park and our gardens are also enjoying attention and can be visited by the public.

Evita se Perron has a coffee and sweet offering, but no food offering.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at events@evitaseperron.com or call 066 391 9481
We hope to see you soon!


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