!Khwa ttu San Culture & Educ Centre

!Khwa ttu will be profoundly affecting. The San’s story is a story of human origins, of beginnings. As such, it is your story too.

The tour is a fascinating insight into the culture, heritage, knowledge, skills and contemporary life of the San. Guided tours are offered daily on foot or by open vehicle in nature or in the Heritage Centre. There is a wonderful tea ceremony, and click-punctuated story-telling; you can also discover The Way of the San, including how to track animals.

The !Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre is a great deal more than a collection of artefacts and historical photos. It’s a pioneering initiative that embraces the principle of community curation, led by San consultants from across Southern Africa and academics. The exhibitions, San-led trails and guided experiences are designed to engage the body and senses as much as the mind. They demonstrate the skills and knowledge of the San people, while also telling the archaeological story of the origins of the modern mind on the Southern African coastline.

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