Koffie My Darling

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Koffie My Darling is situated in the heart of the ‘Flower Village’ Darling, providing a warm, inviting and timeless experience. Our independently owned coffee shop is located in a quaint mid-19th century house, with a vintage South African farmhouse feel and homely atmosphere, with seating both inside and outside. We serve mouth-watering breakfasts, light lunches & popular Sunday lunches, delicious sweet treats, and firm favourites for kids, all prepared with fresh ingredients in our kitchen. Even our farmstyle bread (a large white loaf, baked in a tin, with slightly curved sides and top), is freshly baked daily and served with some of the dishes on our menu. It is truly delicious! An absolute must when you visit is our ‘Spoorweg Koffie’, a combination of Moerkoffie & Condensed Milk and as they say in Afrikaans, ‘Wat anders as moer vars koffie? Dit is #moerlekker!’.

Browse the shop for creative treasures and antiques or purchase easy-to-grow succulents from our rustic nursery.

If you are looking for a small venue that stands out from the rest, the Khuboes Venue which respects the Koffie My Darling environment, will suit you down to the ground. >From special occasion parties to meetings, charity events, book launches and other special events, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you plan something memorable.

Koffie My Darling is a place for everyone to enjoy and a little piece of home with free Wi-Fi available.

Kom Kuier! Kom Kyk!


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