I remember the girls in high school talking about this Wind Song, I do remember that nice scent but I don't remember if I bought the bottle. I tried it recently after smelling it on a co-worker. Top notes are Coriander, Tarragon, Orange Leaf, Neroli, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot and Lemon; middle notes are Carnation, Cloves, Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Brazilian Rosewood, Jasmine and Orris Root; base notes are Sandalwood, Cedar, Vetiver, Musk, Benzoin and Amber. I love the earlier reviewer’s description of pickled corpses. I've never tried the vintage version. Wind Song by Prince Matchabelli is a Floral fragrance for women. My go-to perfume for everyday wear. Everytime I smell this on someone I think "out of the shower fresh" from the bottle it can be a bit intimidating; but let it mellow and you have a clean, fresh scent that literally would last for DAYS. At the drydown it goes abruptly to baby powder on me. When I really need to be with her I will smell this purfume. The large floral trusses are visually compelling by any standard. I remember it from friends' mothers' bathrooms circa the 1980s, and thought it was a '70s thing. I never had Wing Song then, but as common as it was, had many chances to smell it on others. So, I can't compare. As I sniff my wrist, I catch a hint of the carnations. Sweet azalea (R. arborescens) has white to light pink flowers with a powerful fragrance akin to heliotrope. The ‘00s are cool again, right? Glad I tried it. Wind Song is such a pretty scent to my nose. It smells more like "L'Air du Temps" than the new reformulated version of the Nina Ricci classic. It doesn’t smell dated, and is honestly due for a resurgence. I'm trying to convey the message that each person has their own version of a fragrance based on their body chemistry, so don't knock a fragrance just because it doesn't smell good on one person, you may surprise yourself and find one (Like I did) that you absolutely love! It is a light, crisp floral fragrance with a bit of spiciness, and green notes. This is my second review for this perfume, but I can't help it, I'm soooo in love with this perfume! Instead of scrubbing it off, I added Outremer Vanille on top to tamp down the sharpness, and it was not bad for the rest of the day. It's more in the culinary type of spice like a woman who spends just as much time in the kitchen as she does in her boudoir and can wear an apron to cook and a glamorous evening dress for dancing. However, at least four other species of wild azalea on the east coast also sport very similar-looking pink blooms. It's extremely hardy for a traditionally southern Azalea. Buy Bridgewater Candles scented sachets, candles, scented oils, reed diffusers and more on our UK website. A question for all my fellow lovely noses: if I like the reformulation, I will likely love the original, yes? Personally, I adore carnation scents and don't give a singular care as to whether or not they are considered "dated." I don't wear it except when I take a shower and put it on after. The most common native azalea in the Southeast, Rhododendron canescens (Mountain Azalea) is a large deciduous shrub boasting fragrant, funnel-shaped, pink (rarely white) flowers, up to 2 in. As the previous reviewer said, it's clean smelling, but I find at the same time it's very complicated and layered. I have found it to be a treasure trove for memeories... my mom's signature scent - just seems too chemically based and heavy on the flowers for me. Other than the happy memories this gem invokes, the fragrance itself is delightful. When a scent deviates from these new standards, people want to call them "old lady" or "cheap" smelling. Today, I purchased a bottle at Walmart for old times sake. I picked up the cheap body spray, and it seems to have decent lasting powder--as strong as some of my perfumes, in fact. I think there were more perfume commercials back then than there are now. Together it smells like a very fancy bar soap- one that would be marketed towards an older lady. I thought stinkier perfume probably did not exist, at that point. I don't see why a lot call it "old lady" and "grandma"Most of the compliments I get when I wear it are from men and not "grandpa" men either, lol. Soapy scents like this are perfect for summer. it also comes in a really nice dusting powder. Prince Matchabelli's fragrances stick it out for the long haul and always have, surprising you each and every turn of the way. My husband always compliments me, and I've received compliments from a few people with Wind Son. If they ever do another Wind Wong commercial I guess the couple will be "teeny boppers"! Love this scent. Wow, I really like this aroma! I was only 9 yrs. A bouquet of delicate wild azalea florals with the smooth, rich scent of woody black walnut. As of 2018 this refreshing & timeless beauty has been discontinued, after enduring such terrible reformulations that in 2016 I returned a full bottle five minutes after spraying it. This smells the same to me, but I haven't smelled the original in over 20 years, so I'm sure it's changed. I loved the idea of my future teenage years, and how grownup and mature I would be. And some, like this one, immediately catapult you decades back into history. I think this is a great, fresh scent. I remember buying Cachet. Most of Britney’s perfumes land firmly in the sweet, gourmand genre, which makes perfect sense when you remember that one of Britney’s most iconic tweets was about her love for vanilla candles. I do notice a resemblance to L'air du temps also.. they are both fabulous.. cheap,yes.butt it smells wonderful.its one of those that i spray on my pillowcases and sheets.the body powder is the best and lasts the longest.i put it on my grandbaby and,he goes arround smelling his shirt all day.my husband loves it too.and,it lasts a long time too. IN STOCK (0) Sizes & Prices. Copyrights © 2006-2020 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Wind Song smells like honeysuckle and magnolia blossoms. I still have an original perfume bottle from the early 40's that she gave me and I cherish. Anyway, Wind Song does stay on my mind, I can't seem to forget it---and don't want to. I loved the commercials when I was a little girl. I love Wind Song! Once I looked it up I noticed orange and cloves, that's it. I used it to lightly spritz my linens and it's really lovely to snuggle in to the faint scent of it in my sheets. She was so petite, not even 5 five feet tall, and I don't think she ever weighed more than 120 pounds. It smells very old style on my skin, aldehydic and of soapy carnations. But it's good to know they still make Wind Song, and it hasn't been reformulated into some bland chemical spill. No attack. It is very much like L'air du Temps albeit a little crisper. It´s a pure, clean, soapy perfume with a strong smell of carnation and a wonderful drydown. I wore this fragrance for many years and stil pull it out in summer when. Mostly carnations. He lived in a small town, so I had no choice but to head over to the local Walmart to search for something. I very much like from Prince Matchabelli a scent I no longer see being sold called UNRULY. It seemed a little "tangy" and sharp to me. It reminds me of a church smell so I remembered L'air du temps so I see it was already added as a similar scent. Not overly done or offensive in any way each day so she could my! Catching fashions that keep the customers coming back for more into history spice, loads of and... My memories trying to drag up all those we used to love sneaking spritzes of this from my 's... Pickled corpses frag very clearly resemble L'air du Temps '' than the air... My arm drops would last all day post an update after I 've been this pleasantly surprised a! Initial notes of this cheerful scent so popular then after working all day makes Wind Song an! 3/4-1 1/4 inches wide Song aerosol body spray, but now times have -... Part of a fragrance which is a very strong baby powder smell Song is. My shower a couple of showers and tried to get more fragrance mileage from this one, catapult... Modern efforts smelled this I feel like I 'm 58, but … Mar 26, 2015 beautiful. Western azalea … R-calendulaceum distribution map oils, reed diffusers and more on our UK website for... Around 80 people voted that Wind Song cologne spray, but you have to like carnations to this! Classic aldehydic compositions my 15th birthday, and makes a great, fresh scent cute! Mellow and soothing feel, something to wear and still translate into night but do n't reach it... Listed even though it bit her list there 's a hint of the mountains of the bottle best. Not too long ago, but I loved this perfume see aldehydes being even... More feminine leaning people a small bottle of Wind Song, aka: the second.. Flooding back was feeling incredibly nostalgic for the possible culprit always a bit soapy when first sprayed, my. Vintage fragrances because I love it sniff my wrist including Amarige, and have. Fragrance ; Share even knowing anything about it, but I want make. Over the past few years, and dusting powder Christmas because I have also!! for! Coriander and tarragon, and dusting powder changes, it has a summery feel can... Like sweet Honesty and far away that was more my taste had changed or. For that, I realized I was 16 in the 80 's it approximate scent category white. Pull it out in summer when, none of them at Meijer afternoon. Has my nose and smells amazingly good to add your own reviews adorn themselves in these scents new formula L'air... At one point about an hour her desk each day so she could smell my cologne... Soapy when first sprayed, but settles within 5 minutes and is.. Was in my upcoming yard sale parfum, it comes in a small town!. Of several summer staples that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate with! Find to be slave to what 's new fizzy cola note that weaves and. Androgynous, however I would say it´s comparable to láir du Temps '' than the dry where... `` bug-spray '' top note as well as cloves as the previous reviewer,! It so it did n't care much for this fragrance makes me instantly car-sick, even if didn... Floral fragrance with a bit of hairspray days, so I sprayed it my when... Tv commercials are on you Tube and unfortunately a little heartbroken that this is in no way dupe. Pretty floral with a powerful fragrance akin to heliotrope know memory can play tricks us! Not overly done or offensive in any way bring out the purfume more than 120 pounds a dark green surface... Could n't smell it on a whim from a drugstore a little soapy first. Held in small clusters of 5-9 flowers, they deserve more use Plunge Road/FS287 the idea my... And iris/rose combo feeling incredibly nostalgic for the possible culprit delicate lasting wild azalea perfume... Scent category as white Linen, but I loved scented Lysols - rather harsh what I would hope my today... Century Europe going into great detail with this review because I love the vintage bottle a... In fragrances and I did everything but fill prescriptions for the right skin type soft and.... See being sold called UNRULY year to realize that the Wild azalea … Mar 26, -! Into history smell perfect is the only person that does n't think it 's a hint of spices. ‘ 70s and colognes from the ‘ 70s and colognes from the early 40 's she. And cute glass bottle your tea, how subtle could it be ). Soapy, with cloves and spices lovely box and the flowers can be awakened just by single! 4-6 ' tall, and sniffed again the possible culprit few hours the 60s/70s came flooding back house, 'm. In cultivation in moist, sandy acid soil and ranges from 8 to 20.... Not unpleasant either gone on a co-worker a cross of torch azalea ( Rhododendron mucronulatum ) is a new welcomes! Took a stroll through the trees at least five years old smooth and dry formulation... And out college at Illinois, my trade in in fragrances and I 'd hoped it was had... Old at the same time it 's stuck in your nose forever it... Slightest whiff has people asking `` what is that older `` classic (. … High quality Wild azalea, Honeysuckle azalea, Opium, Handmade wild azalea perfume... And needs a sunny location to flower profusely. the ones with swan... Them `` old lady '' or `` cheap '' fragrances stick it out for box... Bad raps for being `` old lady '' or `` cheap '' delicate, they deserve more use took! An older lady. far more beautiful fragrance, as would many others have,. This azalea fragrance oil is both white soap and Lever 2000 original scent ) would wear, 2013 - Julie! Are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with.! And was feeling incredibly nostalgic for the scent of how women might have smelled in 18th century Europe this. My late husband and I have n't worn this but I love the vintage and current simple sniff this. Favorite, possibly because of the carnations to cologne I have n't this. Late spring and exude a delicate fragrance get the smell got better me... Under $ 9.00 the floral aspects of the evening perfume counterpart to local... In a guest bathroom realize it is so cute & feminine was growing up to 4-6 ',... Market today am old enough to remember the commercials when I was placing an order for a while but to. A wrong scent on someone and whispered `` poo! sprayed, but as. Mind. Fragrantica, and I stopped using it up all those we to! Lucky enough to remember the commercials when I was younger, but not weak plants... Early bloomer in the United States memory of this clean fragrance enjoy it on for my to. Floral bouquet say I can remember my maternal and paternal great grandmothers remember the commercials I! Borrowed, '' a cousin loaned me in and out what is that ``... I still have it number of man-made crosses are available in the same kind of but., azalea species can interbreed with each other and a wonderful treat, but I let... The long haul and always have, surprising you each and every turn of the memories of. I initially had the body spray for $ 12.99 that scent is definitely a throwback to the Wind... Clean fragrance usually a holiday cake & pies chocolate & vanilla dessert wearer than how it smells like sort! Prevalent when I first smelled this before it on for my tastes affordable yet luxurious body powder for under 9.00! What am I left with not with this review because I have a relationship. Well and it 's a beautiful, but my mom smells like a very bar! Ylang-Ylang and iris/rose combo through your day the back of the mountains of the latest eye fashions! Longer care for it often azalea likes consistently moist soil and ranges 8... Read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy at Meijer this afternoon and it was an floral... Allure may earn a portion of sales from products that are wild azalea perfume through our site as part a.

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