Splitpiece Murals in Darling


Splitpiece: The symbiotic contrast between murals and its existing environments AND ITS HERE IN DARLING!

31 murals in one road

The idea for this project is unique. Never before has a residential area been concentrated with so many mural arts to form part of a living gallery.

Usually, mural projects are done in more ‘built up’ urban areas and emphasis is placed on doing large murals. This project is about creating good murals all clustered in one road.

The artists spent extensive time in the area doing the murals and built up a prolonged and interactive relationship with the local residents.

The artists shared their visions, ideas and knowledge about what they do and locals could in return share their thoughts with the artists.

All splitpieces are being produced for a future book and the living gallery of Akkerboom Street in Darling is being visited as a tourist attraction.

The Team:

Falko – project manager & artist

Jadas – artist

Nardstar – artist

Where: Darling East just off Evita Bezuidenhout Boulevard towards Moorreesburg – turn right at the first three way stop – then left into Akkerboomlaan. You won’t miss it and you DON’T WANT to miss it!

This is an initiative supported by The Darling Trust.


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