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The “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” (this includes farm animals and wild life) is part of a worldwide organization that has given over 100 years of service to communities in South Africa. The Swartland SPCA has been in existence in Darling since 1992, covering the following areas: Piketberg, Riebeeck West, Koringberg, Riebeeck Kasteel, Kaalbaskraal, Chatsworth, Moorreesburg, Abbottsdale, Malmesbury, Yzerfontein and Darling.

Our inspectors respond to emergency calls of animal cruelty and investigate reports of animal abuse or neglect and where necessary rescue animals and file charges with the police for further investigation and prosecution.
We deal with animal related difficulties, for example feral cats at business premises and stray animals on the roads.
We sterilize animals to control numbers of strays and unwanted animals.
We have an outreach program in the disadvantaged communities which include regular mobile clinics.
We have an education outreach programme aimed at the schools in the Swartland.
Our inspectors Investigate illegal or abusive animal practices such as dog fighting.
We encourage the conservation of wild animals as part of an environmental policy.
Lost animals are brought to the SPCA and are kept at the kennels for a 7 (seven) day period. This is to allow the legal owner time to claim their pet back. If the dog or cat (or any other animal) is not claimed by the owner it is then put up for adoption. All animals are sterilized before adoption and a pre-home check is done.

Since we receive NO Government or Provincial Grants each District SPCA is responsible for financing its own operation which is mostly done by on-going fundraising efforts and donations

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