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Experience the magic of Darling – Where else in South Africa would you find Evita, a Voorkamerfest, and both a wild flower show and an exotic orchid show, on the same day? As you will discover even the wines of Darling have something special about them, and the fact that many highly respected wine labels outside Darling either have a vineyard here, or choose to source their fruit from our soils, is indicative of this.

The wines of Darling are blessed with the consistency of quality due to their viticulture location and yet a diversity of style that makes them all so different. With scarcely half a dozen producers there is a lot to explore!

There is however a practical side to a visitors “route of exploration” in that in typical Darling diversity, the vineyards are located in four different directions from the centre of the town. To visit all the Vineyards in one-day is possible but not always practical, and this is what has inspired Darling négociant Charles Withington to come up with the idea of the Darling Wine Shop – a one-stop shop in the centre of Darling where one could buy virtually the entire range of any of the Darling wines, and at cellar door prices.

The Darling wine shop also provides the opportunity for the many, many visitors to Darling who come to see Evita, explore the flowers, and experience the Voorkamerfest, and who are invariably lovers of good wine and fine food, to be able to source these delights right here in the centre of the village, saving them time and travel.

The Darling wine shop also provides a host of other possibilities :

An opportunity to purchase all the areas wines in different combinations.

Customised gift packs.

Themed and paired wine tastings on arrangement.

A very efficient freight delivery system both locally and internationally to have Darling wines delivered to your doorstep.

In these days when delivery costs are expensive, to be able to have goods from different suppliers all arrived in a single consignment.

We also get fresh West Coast Mussels and oysters every fortnight.

And so there we are – we urge you to come and visit us and see and experience the delights of Darling.


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