West Coast Way is a Destination Marketing Company offering top Cape West Coast Marketing focused on sustainably growing the tourist industry in the Cape West Coast through the:

activation of a variety of themed self-drive routes
provision of credible, helpful and entertaining product information
encouragement of responsible tourism
innovative approach to generating new business ideas, opportunities and partnerships
building of broad and strong stakeholder relations within and outside of the Cape West Coast

West Coast Way also offers bespoke marketing services to West Coast accommodation, attractions and activities:

Website Design
Social Media
Public Relations
Media Events
Packaging Design
Photographic Services

Proof of positive results achieved through the West Coast Way initiative & developed routes by Wesgro in their 2014/15 tourism report:

“The growing popularity in the heritage-inspired Culture Route (sic…along Groenekloof area) and the leisure inspired Foodie Route (sic…along Blue Benguela coast line) is underlined by the activities indicated by visitors during the 2014/15 summer season; with scenic drives (30.8%), gourmet restaurants (15.1%), outdoor activities (13.6%), culture/heritage (11.4%) and fishing (4.0%) ranking as the top five activities enjoyed in the Cape West Coast. The role played by West Coast Way, a private initiative procured by Sanparks to promote the West Coast Bio-diversity Corridor from Blaauwberg Nature Reserve to the West Coast National Park cannot be understated. With many attractions on the West Coast realising increased visitor numbers since their inception.”

Michael Daiber CEO !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre says:
West Coast Way for !Khwa ttu
“West Coast Way has exceeded our expectations with innovative online marketing and social media campaigns. This has been a much needed and an exciting addition to the niche tourism product offerings. They filled a strategic gap for a truly professional marketing company dedicated to the West Coast. Their team includes devoted individuals with excellent experience, their positive attitude and extended network surpassed all our expectations. Their in-depth knowledge on tourism perspectives has transformed our ability to stay focused on the issues that matters most in our continued development.”

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